Network Infrastructure

How we can reinforce our network to prepare for a renewable energy future.

Reinforcing the Network

Between now and 2030, we need to significantly increase the electricity from renewable sources in our network. There needs to be a step change in the volume of network reinforcements delivered to support our renewable ambition.

Projects and Plans

Between 2022 and 2030, we anticipate over 350 projects are needed to reinforce the system and facilitate connections. 

This represents an investment of over €3bn in the Ireland and Northern Ireland grid. It is a substantial ramp up across the entire lifecycle of project delivery.  

Shaping Our Electricity Future is our roadmap to achieve this. The networks strand describes how the transmission network in Ireland and Northern Ireland could evolve out to 2030. 

This builds on detailed consultation with government, regulators, industry participants, stakeholders and the general public.  

The future evolution of the power system beyond 2030 is also implicitly considered. For the future, the renewable ambition is to be net zero by 2050.  

The Network Delivery Portfolio

The Network Delivery Portfolio (NDP) lists the full programme of works planned on the transmission system between 2022 and 2030.

The Transmission Development Plan for Northern Ireland

The Transmission Development Plan presents projects that are expected to meet the operational needs of the transmission network in Northern Ireland.


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Network Enablers

There are a number of strategic enablers which are fundamental for effective infrastructure delivery out to 2030. These are based on our project delivery experience across a range of infrastructure sectors, engagement with stakeholders and communities and our own recent experience of the delivery challenges.

Enablers for Ireland

  • Government and regulatory policies to support locating generation and large energy users where electricity grid capacity is available / anticipated to be available in the future
  • Timely planning decision by the consenting authorities
  • Supply chain challenges to be understood and resolved by appropriate 3rd party
  • Implementation of an end–end TSO/TAO joint approach to optimise
  • Programme delivery time of electricity infrastructure
  • Implementation of a transmission outage review and transformation programme in line with international best practice
  • Deliver an electricity grid Technology Toolbox solution and apply this toolbox for enhanced network operation
  • Implementation plan for flexible network devices
  • Leverage of public road network for delivery of infrastructure

Find more details on the network strategy in our roadmap document.