What We Do

EirGrid is responsible for the electricity grid in Ireland. Our work provides reliable power for all users as we lead the way to a low carbon future.

Operating the Grid

Electricity is vital to the way we live. EirGrid develops, manages and operates the electricity grid in Ireland. 

The grid supplies electricity for our homes, businesses, schools, hospitals and farms. EirGrid also plays a vital role in the complex job of balancing supply and demand every minute of the day.

Electricity is also a key way in which we can help decarbonise Irish society and meet our climate change goals. 

EirGrid is leading the transition to a low carbon future by making Ireland's grid renewable ready.

Wind turbine in Ireland

The Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO)

The single wholesale electricity market for the island of Ireland (SEM) is operated jointly by EirGrid plc and SONI Ltd via the Single Electricity Market Operator (SEMO)

Interconnections with Other Countries

Connecting electricity systems supports security of supply, the integration of more renewables onto the electricity system, and pricing competitiveness.

EirGrid owns and operates the East West Interconnector linking Ireland to Great Britian. 

We are also jointly developing the first interconnector to link Ireland with continental Europe, the Celtic Interconnector between Ireland and France, with our French counterpart, RTE.

Our Engagement Strategy

Effective engagement is essential to achieving our purpose: to transform the power system for future generations. 

We engage locally, nationally, and across Europe with policymakers, regulators, industry and society at large. 

Shaping Our Electricity Future

At EirGrid, we are making the grid ready to carry 80% of Ireland’s electricity from renewable sources by 2030, as set out in the Government's Climate Action Plan. 

Electricity will play a crucial role in our response to climate change. The growth in low carbon and renewable sources will require a decade of change to the electricity system. 

We also need to make the grid stronger and more flexible. Shaping Our Electricity Future is our roadmap for achieving these goals.