Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios (TES)

TES outlines credible pathways for Ireland’s clean energy transition.

Planning Ireland and Northern Ireland's Energy Future

At EirGrid, one of our roles is to plan the development of the electricity transmission grid. This not only secures energy for today but meets the future needs of society.  

Key to this process is considering both:

  • The possible ways that energy usage may change in the future
  • The impact this change will have on the electricity grid

We call this scenario planning. The Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios (TES) programme outlines pathways for a clean energy transition.

Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios 2023

EirGrid and SONI have published a consultation paper on Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios 2023 (TES 2023). In this document you will find our latest thinking on long term energy scenarios for Ireland and Northern Ireland. 

Our scenarios consider how electricity demand and generation might evolve from 2035 to 2050. The report explains what this could mean for electricity demand, generation, storage and interconnection supported by different technologies.

For TES 2023, we have developed four distinct scenarios for consultation. The scenarios we are seeking views on are titled:

  • Self-Sustaining
  • Offshore Opportunity 
  • Gas Evolution
  • Constrained Growth 

Each scenario considers a different pathway to decarbonise our power system, the pace of change, and how we might achieve the energy transition in terms of energy demand, transmission and generation.

Responses to the consultation are welcome and should be submitted via the EirGrid consultation portal before 13 December 2023.