Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios (TES)

TES outlines credible pathways for Ireland’s clean energy transition.

Planning Ireland's Energy Future

At EirGrid, one of our roles is to plan the development of the electricity transmission grid. This not only secures energy for today but meets the future needs of society.  

Key to this process is considering both:

  • The possible ways that energy usage may change in the future
  • The impact this change will have on the electricity grid

We call this scenario planning. The Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios (TES) programme outlines pathways for a clean energy transition.

We would now like to present the final TES 2023 report.

Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios

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Tomorrow's Energy Scenarios 2023

Inside Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios 2023, you’ll find a high-level exploration that looks at how much electricity we might need and how it can be provided, beyond 2030, up to 2050. 

These findings will guide EirGrid's strategic planning of the electricity system, in determining what we need to prioritise to enable a sustainable and secure energy transition for Ireland.

They will also enable EirGrid to continue to support governments and regulatory authorities in the development of energy policy and market design development required to decarbonise the power system.

Next Steps

Tomorrow’s Energy Scenarios 2023 provides a solid foundation to inform our planning for the energy transition in Ireland.

We hope you find this report useful, and that our insights can support decision-makers in the development of current and future energy policy.

Stay tuned for details of a webinar when we will talk through TES 2023.

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