Generator Connections

See how we connect generators to the electricity system at both distribution and transmission levels.

Connecting Generators

EirGrid and ESBN work in partnership to connect generators to the electricity system. This happens at both a distribution (low to medium voltage) and transmission (high voltage) level.

The generators we work with can include:

  • Thermal plants (which use fossil fuels)
  • Hydro power
  • Combined heat & power plants
  • Wind generators 
  • Other newer types of generation such as solar power or battery storage devices

Transmission or Distribution System

To assess whether to connect to the Transmission or Distribution System:

Proposals over 40 megawatts total Maximum Export Capacity at a single location should apply to EirGrid for a transmission connection. 

Proposals under 40 megawatts total Maximum Export Capacity at a single location should apply for a distribution connection. For further information, visit ESB Networks website.

Connection Offer Process

Applications are processed through the Connection Offer Process. This process ensures fairness, provides transparency and facilitates timely delivery of Connection Offers. It is approved by the Commission for Regulation of Utilities (CRU).

The Enduring Connection Policy (ECP) sets out the existing process for grid connection. It's open to all generation and/or storage and other system service technologies.

What is Required for an ECP Application?

ECP-2 Generation Facilities Reduced Criteria Application Form

Applicants may choose to delay providing specific technical details of a project until a later date when the applicant will have chosen the actual equipment which will be installed as part of the plant. Generic application data (‘assumed data’) will be used by EirGrid for the purposes of carrying out connection studies.


ECP-2 Generation Facilities Full Technical Criteria Application Form

Some applicants may have chosen their connection equipment and wish to provide this data now. They can complete a full application form, along with the relevant supporting documentation. If an applicant selects this option, they must fill out all fields in the application form.

Other Documentation

Applications under ECP can only be accepted during a pre-determined application window. For more information, please consult the CRU website for the Ruleset for Enduring Connection Policy Stage 2. This includes details on the application window, process and stages (including customer engagement), along with project eligibility.


Grid Connection Assessments (GCAs) were issued to Phase 1 applicants in late 2022.

The CRU will conduct a consultation on the new Offshore Transmission Connection Agreement in Q3/Q4 2023. 

Connection offers will be issued to successful ORESS-1 projects in 2024. 

Further details will be communicated to the successful projects in due course.