EirGrid Group

EirGrid plays a critical role in the electricity sector


Established in 2006, EirGrid is the electricity Transmission System Operator (TSO) for Ireland. 

As TSO, we manage the flow of power on the electricity grid, moving high-voltage electricity around the country, from where it is produced to where it is used, supplying large energy users and the distribution network that powers homes and businesses. 

We plan for the future too, and are leading the transition to a low-carbon future by making Ireland’s grid renewable ready.

We also manage and operate the East-West Interconnector that connects Ireland’s electricity grid to Great Britain. This connector was developed and is owned by EirGrid Interconnector DAC.

Jointly with our French counterpart RTE, we are developing the Celtic Interconnector to link Ireland’s electricity grid to France.

The Irish Government has designated us as the TSO and Transmission Asset Owner (TAO) for Ireland’s offshore electricity grid.

Jointly with SONI Ltd, we operate the Single Electricity Market for the island of Ireland.

SONI Ltd was acquired by EirGrid plc in 2009. 

SONI Ltd is the TSO for Northern Ireland and in accordance with its licence is independent from EirGrid plc with its own independent Board of Directors who are responsible for its activities and performance.